Visitor Parking Information

Free Parking Evenings & Weekends

For those visitors who want to enjoy the NMSU campus in the evenings (after 4:30 p.m.) and on weekends (Saturday & Sunday), no parking permit is required. You may park in any regular faculty/staff, commuter student, or visitor parking space.

Metered spaces are also free after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends. Parking in the “Campus Resident” parking lots is restricted to permit holders 24 hours a day. Also, those parking spaces that are specially signed (e.g., “Service Vehicle” and “Postal Patron”) are restricted 24 hours a day.

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Free 1-Day & 1-Week E-Permits

For the occasional daytime visitor during the week, there are two options. The E-Permit is a free single-day permit that can be obtained over the Internet without any need to come into the Parking Department. Up to 5 E-Permits can be obtained each year. For those on campus more than just a few days each year, the free weekly visitor permit is a favorite. It allows parking in most spaces on campus. Get yours now!

Free Lots & Metered Parking

Visitors who are only going to be on campus for a short time and are not interested in obtaining a visitor permit can park in either a “Free” lot or at a parking meter. Meter rates are $1.00 per hour, with meters operational from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Meters are currently located in the center of campus at the Jordan St. entrance of Corbett Center Student Union, the west curb of lot 45 next to Zuhl Library, lot 44 in front of the Aquatic Center, in lot 49 off of Williams Ave. next to Frenger Food Court, at the east end of the North Horseshoe and South Horseshoe, and in the parking lot between Gerald Thomas Hall and Knox Hall. The “Free” lots can be located on the campus parking map (identified in brown).

Annual “All Access” Parking Permits

Frequent visitors to campus may want their own annual parking permit. This reduces the need to contact the Parking Department each week to renew a weekly permit, and can be less expensive than using parking meters for those on campus regularly. The “All Access” visitor parking permit allows use of any visitor, student, or faculty/staff parking lot for the entire permit year, while the “Outer-lot” visitor permit allows use of the “All Permit” parking lots (orange colored on the campus parking map) for the entire permit year.


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If you need assistance in obtaining your permit, or would like additional information regarding parking at NMSU, please contact the Parking Department at 575-646-2306 or emailing