Departmental Placards

FY22-23 Departmental placard request forms due June 30

NOTE: Departmental Placards do not automatically renew. Please fill out and sign “Request Form”; submittal options are noted on form.


NMSU departmental business that includes loading and/or unloading, as well as departmental visitors to campus, can request a special placard that will allow parking in specified areas.

To receive new placards, download the attached request form – follow the submittal options noted on the form.



Departmental Loading/Unloading Placards:

The NMSU Parking Department issues loading/unloading departmental placards to the departments needing such access.

  • The placard is only valid when displayed with another valid NMSU parking permit
  • Placard is to be used for departmental business only
  • May park in any legal parking space in any lot (2-hour limit)
  • Services zones are for loading/unloading only (20-minute limit)
  • Meter parking requires payment
  • All parking regulations apply


Departmental Visitor Placards:

The NMSU Parking Department issues visitor departmental placards to departments.

  • This placard is to be used by visitors only
  • Students, faculty, staff or commercial vendors are not visitors
  • May park in any visitor or any legal parking space
  • Meter parking spaces require payment
  • All parking regulations apply