Parking Permits

How Can I Purchase A Parking Permit?

An AGGIE ID CARD and CURRENT VEHICLE REGISTRATION are required in order to purchase a permit for any one of the following ways:

1) Online
2) Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

View Current Prices

(NOTE: Permit prices for the spring and summer do not change until December 1 and May 1 respectively.  If you are purchasing a permit for the spring or summer, please do not purchase until after these dates.)

  • Students who purchased a Fall 2019/Spring 2020 permit have received a $35 credit to their parking account due to COVID-19 closures.  The credit has been applied first to any outstanding unpaid parking citations. The price of the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 permit will reflect the credit if eligible.

All permits will be mailed. Once logged into the parking portal click “Manage Account” and verify your mailing address is correct to prevent a delay in receiving your permit.

  • If the address is incorrect, click ‘Edit’ and once saved remove any old addresses. 

To prevent receiving a citation, you will need to print the temporary permit and display in left lower corner of your windshield. The permit receipt is good for three weeks.

Do I Need A Parking Permit?
If you intend to park in any area that is not metered or designated as “free,” then a Parking Permit is required. FREE parking is available at NMSU where parking permits are not required! The “free” lots are color-coded in brown on the parking map. Students living in Tom Fort Village and Sutherland Village do not need a permit to park one vehicle in their driveway. Parking in other areas on campus, including along all streets, will require a parking permit.


Partial Refunds
If a student or faculty/staff member is only on campus during the fall semester and has purchased an annual parking permit, it can be returned to the Parking Department before January 15 for a partial refund. Call the Parking Department at 575-646-1839 for details.

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