Parking Permits

How Can I Purchase A Parking Permit?
1) Online
2) By Mail (Coming Soon)
3) In-Person
4) Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

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(NOTE: Permit prices for the spring and summer do not change until December and May 15 respectively.  If you are purchasing a permit for the spring or summer, please do not purchase until after these dates.)

Do I Need A Parking Permit?
If you intend to park in any “pay” lot that is not metered or designated as “free,” then you will require a Parking Permit. Howver, there is still FREE parking available at NMSU where parking permits are not needed!  Anyone can park without a permit in the “free” lots, which are color-coded in brown on the parking map.  There are free parking lots east of Pan American Center, east and south of Aggie Memorial Stadium, next to Doña Ana Community College, south of the NMSU Track, and near the Theatre Scene Shop.  In addition, students living in Family Student Housing units that have driveways do not need permits to park in their own driveway.  Parking at parking meters on campus does not require a permit either, as long as the appropriate meter fee is paid while the vehicle is parked.  For parking in other areas on campus, to include along all streets (where allowed), will require a parking permit.  Visitors to campus can obtain a FREE Visitors E-Permit.

What Types of Permits Are Available?
NMSU offers two main types of permits.  The first is a permanent-adhesive permit that affixes to a single car and is destroyed when removed.  (NOTE:  This option is often the best one for people with open-top vehicles.)  The second (and most popular) permit type is a moveable permit that adheres to the windshield through static and can be moved from one car to another any time the driver switches vehicles.  Both permit types are the same cost. A discount price is available if a motorcycle permit is  purchased at the same time as a regular parking permit. Contact the Parking Department and ask for more details about the Moto/Auto Combo.

Partial Refunds
If a student or faculty/staff member is only on campus during the fall semester and has purchased an annual parking permit, it can be returned to the Parking Department before January 15 for a partial refund.  Just call the Parking Department at 575-646-1839 for details.